Welcome to Uma Nota!

Tired of souless packaged music? Music should be about more than what you look like.
It is a means of personal expression.
Not all music will appeal to everyone, why should it?
If you are looking for something with a little more personality,
you came to the right place.


Newest Release

AUTUMN by My Sweet Robot
Release Date, December 2015.

Mellow, minimal and totally analog.
Available now at CDbaby / iTunes

Run With Me Girl

Recent Release

RUN WITH ME GIRL by Mike Mitch
Release Date, August 2015.

The final recording by Mike, relased posthumously.
Available now at CDbaby

Sreamin' Black Car

Recent Release

SCREAMIN' BLACK CAR by Scooter & the Worms
Release Date, June 2014.

EP of five songs cut live in the band's basement. Punk Rock at it's finest.
Available now at Amazon / CDbaby / iTunes